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Impression of Philippines


A Country seems familiar, but unfamiliar    



 A country suffered several centuries colonial rule by Spain, American, Japan.    


A developing country and its economy is not very wealthy



What we got surprised and have seen during visit in this country is the local people and their lifestyle. The residential house, the local  people, the facilities on the street are very simple and obsolete, but they are orderly and clean. The smile face expressed their friendly and courteous and made us feel so warm in everywhere.

但让我们感到意外的是当地的普通百姓。尽管好多人家非常简陋、街道设施陈旧, 但一切还是相当有序,干净。普通百姓脸上的笑容流露出了他们的友好和礼貌,所到之处深感温暖可亲。





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