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Four and a half years Spent, driving thrity thousand kilometers across five provinces, twelve regions,  and eighty-five Miao villages to photograph the Chinese Miao.





All the photographic works of "The Miao Family of China" were completed in Miao Home Interior. As the documentary indoor environment portrait, I captured that everything comes from nature and everything is based on reality.

All the subjects in the works are the Miao's natural persons, all the surroundings are the living place of the natural persons. All indoor shooting uses natural light without any auxiliary artificial light. By placing the subject in their own places, a calm, peaceful, dignified and rigorous visual picture is presented. The entirety of the picture can fill out and round out the individual characteristics, the living environment, and living conditions of the Miao people in different regions and branches are truly reflected.  

"The Miao Family of China" focuses on the individuals of the Miao people, and also shows the traditional culture, family customs and religions of the Miao nationality. The works are the reflection of the Miao family in the modern changing era.

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