The Portraits of Chinese Miao Nationality  


The portrait photographs of Chinese Miao Nationality are sellected from the PROJECT of “Environmenting Portraiture of Chinese Miao Nationality” starting from the year of 2012, and focusing on the Miao people of  Chinese Minorities.

中国苗族人肖像是选自本人正在拍摄的“中国苗族人” 摄影项目, 该项目始于2014年。

With more than five thousand years history and great culture of Chinese Miao, the PROJECT is going to show the Miao and the Miao's branch in 21 centry. The subject in all photographs of the PROJECT were captured under the circumstances of natural individuals with their own costume, natural place where they are living, and natural lights without additional artificial lights so that the Miao's real life in the real enviroment can be recorded.


The PROJECT is still ongoing.






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